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Trust and Security in CoreGRID

The Trust and Security activity in CoreGRID runs as a horizontal integration activity related to all the research areas. Here you can find information about the trust and security activities within each institute, its research groups working on the area, and its security representative.
  • Institute on Knowledge and Data Management

    Trust and security are important issues for the institute as knowledge and data management are the core of storing and retrieving information in Grids. In the security area, the institute focuses on issues such as security and data privacy at the storage infrastructure level, as well as semantics for privacy, security and access-rights.

    Research Groups:

    • Storage Security Group
      This research group focuses on (a) reviewing security models applied to distributed data access; (b) defining of a GRID-level RBAC based authorization model for accessing distributed data; and (c) proposing a grid security management system, including interactions with policy, monitoring and accounting services.
    • Methods for Deriving GRID Trust and Security Policies for Managing Virtual Organizations Group
      The goal of this group is to investigate the derivation of security policies in GRID data management systems from their security requirements. This research builds on existing work on requirement engineering, GRID data management, and security management. 

    Contact Person: Angelos Bilas, FORTH

  • Institute on Programming Models

    As the Institute concentrates its activities on the Grid Component Model (GCM), it is natural that security issues be considered in the light of the GCM. This entails the analysis of all the ramifications associated with secure mechanism use, as well as carefully taking into account the extent of security considerations needed to implement a GCM suitable for the development of secure and efficient grid applications.

    Research Groups:

    • Lightweight Security Group
      This group focuses on efficient, and transparent but customizable security extensions to high-level, efficient, structured parallel programming environments based on algorithmically skeleton concept. 

    Contact Person: Alejandro Hevia, UCH

  • Institute on System Architecture

    This institutes deals with large-scale system architectures, such as Peer-to-Peer systems and Desktops Grids, in which the likeliness of faults or coordinated attacks is getting increasingly important.

    Research Groups:

    • Sabotage Tolerance in Desktop Grids

    • This group studies techniques to detect malicious failures and sabotage attempts, as well as techniques for trust management that permits to distinguish the trustable from the non-trustable participants in a global computation. Without those techniques, users with data critical applications will never rely on desktop Grids, and will rather prefer to support higher costs to run their computations in a closed and secure cluster environment
    • Fault-injection and robustness assessment for Grid Services

    • The main focus of this research group is on fault-injection tools for Grid Applications, stress-test tools for Grid services, and their experimental evaluation. Furthermore, the input to the design of fault-tolerant Grid mechanisms and the predictive models for failure handling will be examined.

     Contact Person: Vivi Fragopoulou, FORTH

  • Institute on Grid Information, Resource and Workflow Monitoring Services

    Security has been recognised as an issue permeating many of the activities of the Institute. We are focusing on distributed certificate caching aimed at network monitoring management, and accounting and user management services.

    Research Groups:

    • Accounting and User Management Services Group

    • The central focus of this task is secure, controlled access to Grid resources in production Grid environments. Security requires authentication of the user and authorization based on combined security policy from the resource provider and virtual organization of the user.

      Contact Person: Norbert Meyer, PSCN

  • Institute on Resource Management and Scheduling

    Trust and security have an impact in many tasks within the Institute. Particularly, the analysis on scheduling architecture take into account security, paying attention to issues such as access control and underlying security infrastructures.

    There is not a particular research group in this Institute working specifically on trust and security. Rather, the trust and security activity is viewed as a horizontal one that is taken into consideration by all existent research groups.

    Contact Person: Marcin Adamski, PSCN

  • Institute on Grid Systems, Tools and Environments

    One of the main objectives of the Institute is to design a generic, Lightweight Grid (LWG) platform, based on extensible component technology. Hence, we are focusing on security requirements for services provided in LWG platforms.

    Research Groups:

    • Security in Grid Platforms Group
      The aim of the research group is to address the security issues in the institute research groups, most specifically in applications and middleware components

      Contact Person: Vasil Georgiev, IPP-BAS

CoreGRID Publications on Trust and Security

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Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
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