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Durable mobility of researchers


Three activities have been organised at this level: 1) Mobility of researchers for short visits, 2) Fellowship Programme for longer stays, between 6 to 12 months in 2 different CoreGRID partners and 3) career development module.

    1. Fellowship Programme:
  • 1st Call launched on 15 November 2004: the scientific domains of activity covered by this call were those of the following institutes: Programming Model (WP3) Resource Management and Scheduling (WP6) and Grid systems, tools and environments (WP7). The selected fellows have started their fellowships between May-November 2005.
  • 2nd Call launched on April 4: priority was given to the activity of the following institutes: Knowledge and Data Management (WP2), System Architecture (WP4) and Grid information, resource and workflow monitoring services (WP5). The fellows started their fellowships between September 2005-January 2006.
  • 3rd Call launched in November 2005: 13 out of 4 positions is still open due to the resignation of the selected candidate.

  • 4th Call launched March-April 2006 -Open Call-
A total of 68 applications were received and reviewed by the Executive Committee. During the last two years 14 fellows were selected; actually due to the resignation of three of them, the Executive Committee had to select 3 new candidates. Eight started their grant during the first two years of the project. The last three fellows will start their fellowship in the beginning of year three of the project. 18 CoreGRID partners have benefit of this fellowship programme for a period of 6 to 9 months each. The results are published under the Fellowship web pages.
    2. Research Exchange programmes:
This programme allows researchers working in one of the CoreGRID institutes to visit another institute for duration ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months. Since the start of the project, 8 Research Exchange programmes have been presented to and approved by the Executive Committee. 16 CoreGRID partners benefits of this programme for an exchange duration from 3 weeks to six months. The results are published under the Research Exchange Programme web pages.
    3. Job opportunities:
Job postings url: /jobs

The dedicated portal within the CoreGRID private web site is maintained. This portal offers the possibility to add new open positions in CoreGrid institutes, listing of current opened positions, information for applicants, etc.

In addition, the CoreGRID web site offers now the possibility to post job announcements related to GRID research. Job postings are free of charge for academic institutions and organisations. This new offer was advertised twice in Ercim Magazine N° 66 and N°67.
Deliverables issued since the start of the project:
Period 1: 1st sept 2004 – 31 aug 2005
D.IA.04 Definition of the mobility program – procedures
Period 2: 1st sept 2005 – 31 aug 2006
D.IA.08 Report of the Mobility Programme

   Mobility Portal

Last Updated ( Monday, 04 December 2006 )
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