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Training and Education

One of the major key objectives of the CoreGRID NoE is education and training. Researchers, and especially young researchers, interested to conduct their activity in the area of GRID Computing must have a good background in several disciplines related with this broad range topic. The "Training and Education" section of the CoreGRID NoE web site is devoted to our activities in this field. The structure of this section is the following:
  1. Summer schools

    CoreGRID regularly organises summer schools. In this subsection you will find any information related to these summer schools. Go to this subsection if you want to register to a summer school. This subsection also provides tools for summer schools organisers, teachers and participants. Access to these tools is restricted to authorized persons.

  2. Workshops & Conferences

    Provide information and links to workshops and conferences organised by CoreGRID.

  3. Training Materials

    This sub-section allows you to exchange documents. You will find a list of documents CoreGRID considers as interesting. You also can submit documents to CoreGRID to propose it for publication in this subsection.

  4. Search

    The "search" subsection" contains a list of sites which obtained the CoreGRID label. This means that CoreGRID considers this sites has good sites to get information on GRID topics. This section also contains a search engine.

  5. Collaboration Gateway Training Events
Web page dedicated to the task "Collaboration in training" shared by the Grid projects funded by the EU under FP6. In this web page you can find information about different Grid training events as well as other related information about training and education in Grid.
Image  The "Training and Education" section is currently maintained by the
"Ecole d'Ingénieurs et d'Architectes de Fribourg" member of
"University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland"

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