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Establishing an annual Integration Workshop

Leader: WWU Muenster


The objective of this task is to organize an annual, high-quality scientific workshop for the CoreGRID participants from all institutes.

To ensure a durable, sustainable integration of participating research institutions, the NoE has established an annual workshop devoted specifically to the task of integration. The motivation for the integration workshops is to analyze overlappings and synergies existing between different work packages and between different research institutions within the same work package. The workshops focus on the interdisciplinary topics within the Network and identify and promote durable activities that guarantee a high level of collaboration between partners.


The annual workshops are held in the venues of partner institutions that provide necessary facilities for fruitful cooperation, discussions and exchange of ideas. The Integration Workshop 2005 was held at the University of Pisa and the Integration Workshop 2006 at the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) in Krakow, Poland.


The preliminary proceedings of the workshop will be printed as a set of technical reports. The full texts of the best papers presented at the workshop will be published by the Springer-Verlag as a book of the CoreGRID series, after an additional peer-review round.

The preliminary proceedings for the 2005 Integration Workshop have been published as technical report TR-05-22 by the University of Pisa.

The final proceedings for the Integration Workshop 2005 have been published as a book by Springer (ISBN 0-387-47656-3).

The 2006 preliminary proceedings have been published as a book by CYFRONET AG, Krakow (ISBN 83-915141-6-1).

The 2006 final proceedings have been published as a book by Springer (ISBN 978-0-387-72811-7).


The organization of the Integration Workshop 2005 & 2006 was carried out by Sergei Gorlatch.

Organisation Committee:

•    Marco Danelutto, University of Pisa
•    Martin Alt, University of Muenster
•    Sonia Campa, University of Pisa
•    Massimo Coppola, ISTI/CNR

Programme Committee:

•    Sergei Gorlatch, University of Muenster, Chair
•    Marco Danelutto, University of Pisa
•    Domenico Laforenza, ISTI-CNR
•    Uwe Schwiegelshohn, University of Dortmund
•    Thierry Priol, INRIA/IRISA
•    Artur Andrzejak, ZIB
•    Vladimir Getov, University of Westminster
•    Norbert Meyer, PSNC
•    Domenico Talia, Universita' della Calabria
•    Ramin Yahyapour, Universität Dortmund
•    Norbert Meyer, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
•    Pierre Guisset, CETIC
•    Wolfgang Ziegler, Fraunhofer-Institute SCAI,
•    Bruno Le Dantec, ERCIM

Integration Workshop 2005

Integration Workshop 2006

Integration Workshop 2008

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 December 2007 )
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