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Projects on Trust and Security in Grids
  • Akogrimo: Access to Knowledge through the Grid in a Mobile World
    This project is taking the Grid world to the mobile Internet. They are developing a security framework providing the security support for users connected to a "commercial" mobile Internet and accessing commercial Grid services in a dynamic way.
  • AssessGrid
    This project will supply Next Generation Grids with additional innovative and required components to close the gap between service level agreements (SLA) as concept and accepted tool for commercial Grid uptake.
  • CAS, Community Authorisation Server
    An authorisation architecture proposed by the Globus team to manage access to the resources that constitute a Virtual Organisation.
    This project is dealing with the ever-growing global scale-free networks, their provisioning, repair and unique functions.
  • EU-Provenance
    The aim of the Provenance project is to develop an industrial-strength, open provenance architecture for grid systems.
    A Grid-based Application Service Provision (ASP) project aims at developing a system infrastructure for adding value and supporting innovative business models for ASP, based on the concept of collaborative Virtual Organizations.
  • GridShib
    GridShib (GT4 + Shibboleth) is a joint effort aims at providing attribute based authorization in the Globus Toolkit by inter-operating with Shibboleth, a well-designed and deployed security architecture for Internet2.
  • GridTrust
    The overall objective of this project is to develop the technology to manage trust and security for the Next Generation Grids (NGG).
  • HPC4U: Highly Predictable Clusters for Internet Grids
    The goal of the HPC4U project is to provide an application-transparent and software-only solution of a reliable Resource Management System.

    InteliGrid: Interoperability of Virtual Organisations on Complex Semantic Grid
    The goal of InteliGrid project is to provide a grid-based integration and interoperability infrastructure to complex industries.
  • NextGRID
    NextGRID is developing architectural models and components that will lead to the emergence of the Next Generation Grid that is economically viable, and useful to business and society.
  • OpenTC
    OpenTC – Open Trusted Computing –
    is an R&D project focusing on the development of trusted and secure computing systems based on open source software.
    PRIME is developing a working prototype of a privacy-enhancing Identity Management System.
  • Secure Flocked Condor Testbed for Builds and Testing
    This project is developing secure managed flocking of Condor pools through the use of X.509 certificates to manage remote access to local resources.
    The goals of SIMDAT are to test and enhance data grid technology to enable and support product and process design as well as service provision across sveral industrial sectors.
  • TrustCoM
    TrustCoM is developing an integrated framework for trust, security and contract management for collaborative business processing in dynamically-evolving Virtual Organisations.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 November 2006 )
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