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Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems

Topic leader

Gilles Fedak, Gilles.Fedak@inria.Fr

Short description

Desktop Grids use the computing, network and storage resources from idle desktop PC’s distributed over multiple-LAN’s or the Internet to compute a large variety of resource-demanding distributed applications. Today, this type of computing platform forms one of the the largest distributed computing systems, and currently provides scientists with tens of TeraFLOPS from hundreds of thousands of hosts. Despite the attractiveness of this platform, fully leveraging the platform’s computational power is still a ma jor challenge because of the immense scale, high volatility, and extreme heterogeneity of such systems.

The purpose of the Research Topic on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems is to gather a large panel of reserchers in distributed systems where expertise on protocols, infrastructures, security, fault tolerance, scheduling, performance, services, applications, and programming models will provide significant advance. This research topic seeks to identify new research issues and propose innovative approaches to make Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems support broader range of parallel applications


Desktop Grids, Volunteer Computing Systems


Last Updated ( Monday, 16 February 2009 )
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