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CoreGRID European Research Network on Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications
for large scale distributed, GRID and Peer-to-Peer Technologies
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CoreGRID has been initiated as a European research network to develop the foundations, software infrastructures and applications for large-scale, distributed Grid and P2P technologies. CoreGRID started its activities in September 2004 with an ambitious goal: to build a sustainable research laboratory gathering most of the best European experts, with a view to address the numerous research challenges posed by large scale computing infrastructures such as service oriented infrastructures, P2P systems and Grids. CoreGRID includes today around 330 researchers and PhD students from 46 European research institutions either acting as full members or associated members. During the last four years, the network has achieved tremendous results in terms of integration, working as a team to address research challenges, and to produce high quality research results.
CoreGRID has now reached a highly visible position: it is recognized worldwide. It is also well connected to international initiatives in those areas and has sponsored several organizations such as the Open Grid Forum and scientific international events such as conferences and workshops. Although the main objective was to solve research challenges in the area of Grid and P2P technologies, the network has adapted its research roadmap to include new challenges connected to service-oriented infrastructures, which are very relevant to the European industry as illustrated by the NESSI initiative, the European Technology Platform on Software and Services. The CoreGRID WG is conducting research works in the light of the emerging Internet of Services, clearly positioning itself under the umbrella of the Future Internet Assembly. The Grid research community has not only embraced but has also contributed to the development of the service-oriented paradigm to build interoperable Grid middleware and to benefit from the progress made by the service research community.


A new CoreGRID Working Group sponsored by ERCIM  has been established with two main objectives:

•    Ensure the sustainability of the CoreGRID Network of Excellence which is both requested by the European Commission and the CoreGRID members who are highly motivated to continue working together.

•    Establish a bridge and foster collaborations between several research communities that are now involved in Service computing: namely high-performance computing, distributed systems and software engineering.

How to become member of the CoreGRID WG

To participate to a given topic , you should contact its leader and ask to be involved.

Then a specific form (MS-WORD , PDF ) has to be completed by your institution to secure enough funding for traveling to meetings organized by the working group on given subjects or for the annual CoreGRID Symposium.

Contact information

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the WG leader:

Frédéric Desprez (

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 April 2009 )
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