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CoreGRID 2009 Workshop

CoreGRID ERCIM Working Group Workshop on Grids, P2P and Service computing

in Conjunction With EuroPAR 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009, Delft, Netherlands


A new CoreGRID Working Group sponsored by ERCIM has been established with two main objectives i) to ensure the sustainability of the CoreGRID Network of Excellence which is requested by both the European Commission and the CoreGRID members who want to continue and extend their successful co operation, and ii) to establish a forum  to foster collaboration between  research communities that are now involved in the emerging area of Service Computing: namely high performance computing, distributed systems and software engineering.

CoreGRID officially started in September 2004 as an European research  Network of Excellence to develop the foundations, software infrastructures and applications for large-scale, distributed Grid and P2P technologies. Since then, the Network has achieved outstanding  results in terms of integration,team  working  to address research challenges, and producing high quality research results. Although the main objective was to solve research challenges in the area of Grid and P2P technologies, 
the Network has adapted its research roadmap to include the new challenges related to service-oriented infrastructures, which are very relevant to  European industry as illustrated by the NESSI initiative to develop the European Technology Platform on Software and Services. Currently, the CoreGRID WG is conducting research in the 
area  of the emerging Internet of Services, with direct relevance to  the Future Internet Assembly. The Grid research community has not only embraced but has also contributed to the development of the service-oriented paradigm to build interoperable Grid middleware and to benefit from the progress made by the services research community.

The goal of this one day  workshop is  to gather together participants of the working group, present the topics chosen for the first year, and to attract new participants.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Data & Knowledge Management.
  • Scheduling.
  • Virtual environments.
  • Network monitoring.
  • Volunteer Computing Systems.
  • Trust & Security.
  • Self-* and adaptive mechanisms.
  • Advanced programming models.
  • Tools and Environments for Application Development and Execution.


Authors are invited to submit full papers of up to 15 pages presenting original unpublished research or surveys to

The formatting style is given in /mambo/content/view/360/332

Accepted papers that are presented at the workshop will be published in a preprint preprint distributed on the day of the workshop and in revised form in the dedicated CoreGRID series of Springer ( after the conference.


Manuscript submission: June 8, 2009
Acceptance notification: June 20, 2009
Early registration dead-line: June 30, 2009
Final preprint: July 7, 2009
Coregrid Workshop: August 24, 2009
Final version of the paper: October 5, 2009


Monday August 24th

  • 9:30-9:45 - Welcome (F. Desprez)
  • 9:45-10:30 - Invited talk
    • K. Keahey (Mathematics & CS Division, Argonne Nat. Lab. and Computation Inst., Univ. of Chicago), Cloud Computing for Science
  • 10:30-11h - Session 1
    • M. Colombo, A. Lazouski, F. Martinelli and P. Mori. A proposal on enhancing XACML with continuous usage control features
  • 11h-11:30 - Break
  • 11:30-13h - Session 2
    • R. Sakellariou, H. Zhao and E. Deelman. Mapping Workflows on Grid Resources: Experiments with the Montage Workflow
    • A. Andrzejak, D. Zeinalipour-Yazti and M. Dikaiakos. Improving the Dependability of Grids via Short-Term Failure Predictions
    • V.-T. Tran, B. Nicolae, G. Antoniu and L. Bougé. Towards a Grid File System Based on a Large-Scale  BLOB Management Service
  • 13h-14:15 - Lunch
  • 14:15-15h - Invited talk
    • Thilo Kielmann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), XtreemOS a sound foundation for IaaS and cloud federations
  • 15:00-16:00 - Session 3
    • W. Funika, D. Caromel, P. Koperek and M. Kupisz. Towards semantic-based monitoring of ProActive distributed applications
    • M. Aldinucci, M. Danelutto and P. Kilpatrick. Autonomic Management of Multiple Non-Functional Concerns in Behavioural Skeletons
  • 16-16:30 - Break
  • 16:30-18:30 - Session 4
    • C. Mastroianni, E. Cesario, N. De Caria and D. Talia. Distributed Data Mining Using a Public Resource Computing Framework
    • H. Papadakis, P. Trunfio, D. Talia and P. Fragopoulou. An Experimental Evaluation of the DQ-DHT Algorithm in a Grid Information Service
    • E. Carlini, M. Coppola, D. Laforenza and L. Ricci. Reducing Traffic in DHT-based Discovery Protocols for Dynamic Resources
    • M. Moca and G.-C. Silaghi. Decision Models for Resource Aggregation in Peer-to-Peer Architectures

Tuesday August 25th - Working Group Meeting

  • 9:30-9:45 - Welcome (F. Desprez)
  • 9:45-10:30 - Session 1
    • Trust and security in large-scale distributed systems, Alvaro Arenas for the "Trust & Security" topic (slides)
    • Challenges in SLA Management and SLA-based Systems Management, Omer Rana for the "Service Level Agreement" topic (slides)
    • Current research issues in Data & Knowledge Management, Philippe Massonet for the "Data & Knowledge Management" topic (slides)
    • Advanced programming models for distributed/grid computing, Marco Danelutto for the "Advanced programming models" topic (slides)
    • Challenges and Researches in Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems, Gilles Fedak for the "Volunteer Computing Systems" topic (slides)
  • 11h-11:30 - Break
  • 11:30-13h - Session 2
    • Future Trends on Adaptive Mechanisms for Large Scale Distributed Computing, Vivi Fragopoulou for the "Self-* and adaptive mechanisms" topic (slides)
    • Tools and Environments for Application Development and Execution, Vladimir Getov for the "Tools and Environments for Application Development and Execution" topic (slides)
    • The virtualisation technology used in campus computing and in IT services, Norbert Meyer for the "Virtual environments" topic (slides)
    • Scheduling for Service-Oriented Infrastructures, Clouds and Grids, Ramin Yahyapour for the "Scheduling" topic (slides)
    • Network monitoring in the age of Clouds (slides)
    • Discussion
  • 13h30-14:30 - Lunch


Frederic Desprez
LIP ENS Lyon, 46 Allee d'Italie, 69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 November 2009 )
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