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Collaboration on research inventory and roadmaps


The objective of the Task for Collaboration on Research Inventory and Roadmaps is the preparation of a Euopean Grid Roadmap(EGR) together with the other IST GRID projects. 

The first version of the EGR, Version 1.1, is available and circulated via the EGRG to all European Grid projects and to the leaders of the TGs. Currently this Collaboration Task focus on the production of the European Grid Roadmap (EGR), Version 2. The aim of this document is mainly to give an overview on running EU funded Grid projects, their goals, timelines and priorities. This is an important information for the Grid community and gives the EC the opportunity to identify weak and strong development lines in the Grid R&D. To make this identification easier, the EGR include a SWOT analysis of the European funded Grid R&D. Further we will integrate relevant output of the technical Groups (TGs) extracted from their whitepapers. The final version will be published and distributed among the European projects. It will be also spread using the mechanisms of the CoreGRID Spreading Excellence Work Package and the CT2 mechanisms for cross-project dissemination activities.

CoreGRID Contribution

CoeGRID is leading this task on a European level. The first major effort was the presentation of the draft for the collaboration activities during the Concertation Event in Brussels. Based on the agreements during these events the Collaboration Plan was finalised. To create the European Grid Roadmap a working group was set up (the European Grid Roadmap Group, EGRG) consisting of representatives from all FP6 Grid projects.

The EGRG developped a questionnaire to aquire information from all projects and the task leaders of the Technical Concertation Groups. The first version of the roadmap was available 2006.

Members of the European Grid Roadmap Group

There are 35 projects (call 2 and 5) participating in the roadmap group. This participation is realised by questionnaire distribution and analyses and collaboration events. Actually the collaboration is focussed between the projects CoreGRID, 3S and CHALLENGERS. This EGR Core Group consisting of project representatives of CoreGRID, CHALLENGERS and 3S who will generate own project roadmaps. It is not intended to produce one single roadmap, but the partners established a strong collaboration to exchange information and to support each other.

CoreGRID together with CHALLENGERS is leading this Collaboration Task.



Access to the FhG SCAI BSCW (workspace of the collaboration activities)

European Grid Roadmap V1.1 (document of the European Grid Roadmap Group, 146 pages, PDF, 1.2 MB)

First input for European Grid Roadmap V2.1 (document for the concertation event 2007, 16 pages, PDF, 565 KB)


European Grid Roadmap V2.3 (final document, 47 pages, PDF, 2.3 MB)



Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 November 2008 )
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