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Exploitation of synergies / technical concertation


The objective of the Technical Concertation Task is the focussed exchange of information, achievements and challenges among the IST GRID projects avoiding projects to duplicate efforts or reinvent what have already been done by other projects.

CoreGRID Contribution

T. Priol participated to the definition of the Technical concertation jointly with C-A. Thole. He was involved in the preparation of the session. He co-chaired the session on technical concertation session in Brussels. He presented the structure of the GRIDSTART technical working groups. He also prepared a presentation on GGF working and research groups but was not presented due to the lack of time.

J. Nabrzyski, from PSNC that is a CoreGRID partner, leads the technical working group entitled “Monitoring and Fabric Management”. Grid Monitoring and Grid Fabric Management are huge research and development areas. Fabric management includes such issues as fabric fault tolerance, fabric monitoring, resource management, installation and configuration management etc. Grid monitoring can be considered on the levels of grid application monitoring and resource, or fabric monitoring. The Technical Group on Monitoring and Fabric Management is devoted to some listed above issues that are important from the point of view of overall management and performance of the Grid environment. The objectives of the Monitoring and Fabric Management session are to survey the methodologies and tools used in FP5 projects concerning monitoring and fabric management but also to review the requirements of some FP6 projects.

CoreGRID was well represented during the Technical concertation meeting by having several researchers to attend and to contribute to the discussion during the session.


Discussion starting during the concertation meeting that was held in Brussels last September. A set of technical groups has been set up and further refined during a phone conference. The following table gives a list of the working groups and the names of the leaders.

T1 Grid Architecture Dora Varvarigou (NTUA)
T2 Ontologies
Carole Globe (University of Manchester)
T3 Workflows
Pierluigi Ritrovato (Consorzio CRMPA)
T4 Monitoring and Fabric Management Jarek Nabrzyski (PSNC) - CoreGRID -
T5 Data Management Michael May (FhG-AIS)
T6 Trust and Security Mike Surridge (IT-Innovation)
T7 (to be proposed) Grid economics and business models Steve Wallage (The451 Group)
T8 (to be proposed) Virtual Organizations Christine Morin (INRIA)


CoreGRID is committed to support the technical working groups as they are defined. Due to its large number of partners and researchers, and thus covering a large spectrum of Grid research activities, it will monitor carefully involvement of its researchers into these groups. CoreGRID will identify a list of researchers who will be involved in these groups and especially those who are related to its research programme such as:

• “Grid Architecture” is relevant to CoreGRID WP4 (System Architecture),
• “Data Management” and “Semantic Grid” is relevant to CoreGRID WP2 (Knowledge and Data Management)
• “Monitoring and Fabric Management” is relevant to CoreGRID WP4 (Grid Information and Monitoring Services)


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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 May 2007 )
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