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Joint fora for exchange and dissemination

Following is a list of common initiatives developed in order to facilitate the dissemination of information between the different Grid Research Projects, ensuring this information is wide spread among the Grid society and external audiences. 

  • A joint European Grid Conference will be organized by CoreGRID and the other Grid Research Projects at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007. 
    Detailed information to be soon communicated...

  • The CoreGRID Newsletter is distributed to the Grid Research Projects' network and members provide articles and contribute to the CoreGRID Newsletter's content.
    Read our CoreGRID Newsletter's edition 5 to check out the interesting articles written by the other Grid Research Projects' members! 
    If you are willing to register and/or contribute to our CoreGRID Newsletter, please go to the CoreGRID Newsletter page.

  • CoreGRID is now an Organization Member of the Gobal Grid Forum (GGF) and joined 50 other organizations who are working to accelerate the adoption of Grid computing in research and industry.
    To know more about CoreGRID being a GGF member, read our CoreGRID Newsletter.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 March 2006 )
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