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CoreGRID Fellowship Programme Regulations 2004-2008




General Rules
ERCIM Commitments
Host Institute Commitments
Fellows Commitments


This document outlines the overall objectives of the CoreGRID Fellowship Programme -also called FP. It provides a detailed overview of its regulations and describes the commitments required from each party.

WHO (the involved parties):
ERCIM is the Administrative and Financial Coordinator of this EC-Funded project;
(the) HOSTING INSTITUTES are members of the CoreGRID project or Industrial Company involved in joint research with CoredGRID members. One single researcher in each HOSTING INSTITUTE will be the scientific contact for both ERCIM and the Fellow.

Following an open call, the selected Fellows will sign a contract with ERCIM in order to settle their venue's conditions and parties' commitments. Please be aware that this contract is not a working contract but a research grant.


Young researchers hosted by one or two HOSTING INSTITUTES for two distinct 6, 9 months periods or for a single 12-month periods, will be funded by the CoreGRID FP to closely interact with major researchers and leading scientific communities. The Fellows will participate in regular in-house discussions and seminars to contribute to the CoreGRID scientific integration activities.

In addition to the training activities, the FP will promote career development, ideally within the network to preserve excellence in the research environment.

Throughout and on completion of the fellowship programme, the network will provide support and guidance to the Fellow in his/her effort to obtain a position in related research activities.

New  Since December 2006, the Mobility Programme is open to Industry to enable CoreGRID researchers to work more closely with companies and to stimulate technology transfer between academia and industry. 

General Rules

The candidates post their application on the CoreGRID website in order to facilitate evaluation by the HOSTING INSTITUTES.
Once the evaluation is performed, the list of potential Fellows must be validated by the CoreGRID Executive Committee (Execom). The selected candidates are directly informed by the hosting institutes of the selection results. Then in a period of one month the HOSTING INSTITUTES and the Fellow have to agree on a definition of the training programme and the starting dates in both institutes.

Preparation of the arrival of the Fellow:

  • Contact details form:
    The Fellow has to fill in this form with ALL information required in order to allow ERCIM to prepare the contract. It can be downloaded from the CoreGRID website (see contact details)
  • Training Programme:
    The receiving institutes are required to reach an agreement with the Fellow on the joint research agenda. This document is based on the content of the offer as published on the CoreGRID website (see FP contract)
    Note: the training programme must include the following sentence in English or in French, depending on the place of the fellowship. "The Fellow's duties will be restricted to the research programme outlined here and he/she will not be called upon to undertake other tasks".
  • Venue, visa, etc: please refer to the Fellow's commitments

ERCIM Commitments

The ERCIM office will prepare the contract according to the contact details form provided by the Fellow (see below "contract" under "Fellow Commitments"). It will be sent in two copies to the Fellow for signature. Then an original duly signed by the ERCIM Deputy Manager will be returned to the Fellow.

Monthly allowance
Fellows, regardless of the location of the hosting institute, will receive a fixed monthly stipend of 2300 euros net.

Health insurance
The Fellow’s social security will be paid by the CoreGRID network and managed by an external non-profit organisation in France, EGIDE. The costs of which correspond to approximately 180 Euro per month.
Note: Health insurance in and out of the hosting country.
An extension of the health insurance is mandatory if the Fellow travels outside the hosting country. In this case he/she must give a 10-day notice before departure to remain covered.

On the other hand the social insurance is handled by EGIDE and terms and conditions when traveling abroad can be dowloaded hereafter :

Social security Terme & Conditions - eng version
Couverture sociale Termes & conditions - french version

Travel costs:
Fellows travel costs to and from the hosting institutes are paid by ERCIM. Please bear in mind that the Fellow must move to the 2nd institute within less than 5 working days. Otherwise he/she will not be covered by the health insurance.

Host Institute Commitments

The usual and adequate facilities should be placed at the Fellow’s disposal (office, tel, computer, network connection...)

Conference expenses, travel costs
Travel Expenses (conferences, presentation of papers, etc...) during the fellowship are supported by the HOSTING INSTITUTES and should be claimed by the Fellow according to the institute's internal rules.

At the end of each fellowship period (P1 and P2) a 2-page report should be written by the scientific contact at the host institute. This document should describe the value of the work of the Fellow and its impact within the CoreGRID project.

Industrial contribution:
The industrial company will contribute to 25 % of the total costs of the Fellow for the time he/she spent at the company. The CoreGRID central office will invoice the industrial company one month before the starting date of the fellowship at the company's premises.

Fellows Commitments

The Fellow must return the contract duly signed to ERCIM office one month before the starting dates.
During his stay, the Fellow has to conform to the internal regulations of the Hosting Institutes (working hours, access, confidentiality, etc…). For further details, please refer to the contract on the website: URL

It is the responsibility of the Fellow to obtain his/her own accommodation within the visited country. Support from the HOSTING INSTITUTES shall be provided if a facilities department exists within the institute.

Visa, residence and working permit
The Fellow will have to complete all the legal and administrative procedures to enter the country. However ERCIM or the HOSTING INSTITUTES shall write any requested letter for the Embassy in order to facilitate the visa application.
Important: The Fellow should ensure to begin the visa(s)’ procedure at least 2 months before the agreed starting dates. These dates cannot be postponed for longer than 10 working days.

Confirmation upon arrival
It is mandatory that the Fellow confirms his/her arrival with the ERCIM office by email (with a copy to the scientific contact). This will ensure that all facilities are ready at the HOSTING INSTITUTES and determine the start of the fellowship period and the health insurance coverage.

Publications and IPR
Please refer to the article 6 in the contract on the website (see contract)

At the end of each fellowship period (P1 and P2) the 2-page report should list the conferences, in-house & external meeting attendances as well as the papers produced during the period

Termination of the contract
An official letter is always required to explain in detail the reasons of the termination of the contract.

Resignation of the Fellow
During the fellowship period, the Fellow may end the present contract with a two-month notice.

ERCIM and the HOSTING INSTITUTES may end the contract if the Fellow has not fulfilled the obligations laid down in the contract.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 May 2008 )
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