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Fact Sheet

CoreGRID Fact Sheet

The CoreGRID Network of Excellence is funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development through a grant of €8.2 million assigned for a duration of four years. This support allows the Network to focus on creating a strong and durable integration of Grid research expertise in Europe to facilitate the creation of future Grid systems in both academic and industrial environments.

CoreGRID aims at strengthening and advancing European scientific and technological excellence in the area of Grid and peer-to-peer technologies, encouraging the mobility of researchers and addressing long-term Grid research to build the foundations for Next Generation Grids, from 2010 and beyond.

To achieve this objective, the Network gathers a critical mass of well-established researchers (155 permanent researchers and 168 PhD students) from forty research centers and universities into an ambitious joint programme of activities.
Operated as a European Grid Research Laboratory, the joint programme is structured around six strategic and complementary research areas, organized as research Institutes.

  • Knowledge and Data Management
  • Programming Model
  • Architectural Issues: Scalability, Dependability, Adaptability
  • Grid Information, Resource and Workflow Monitoring Services
  • Resource Management and Scheduling
  • Grid Systems, Tools and Environments

Each one of these Institutes is dedicated to a particular domain identified as of strategic importance to ensure the durable development and deployment of Grid infrastructure.

CoreGRID not only invests in Grid research. It is also developing more effective routes for the industrial exploitation of the Grid in order to successfully translate research results into economic benefits. CoreGRID drives collaboration between research organizations, funding bodies and industry at all levels of the value chain and across national borders, making sure that industrial needs and commercial ambitions are taken into account while Grid research is conducted.

The CoreGRID Network will contribute to helping Europe take Grids out of the research labs and into industry – a critical step in ensuring Europe realizes the benefits of the Information Society. In this perspective, CoreGRID is recognized to best represent the activity of integrating and coordinating Grid research efforts across Europe and promoting close cooperation with industry, aligning both research and industry towards the construction of a sustainable European Research Area.

The ideas driving the CoreGRID project are definitely excellence, integration, dissemination and sustainability. And CoreGRID has clearly set out the path towards accomplishing its grand vision for a feasible Next Generation Grid.

CoreGRID Partners:

1 European Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics GEIE ERCIM France
2 Centre d’Excellence en Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication CETIC Belgium
3 Institute for Parallel Processing IPP-BAS Bulgaria
4 Information Science and Technologies Institute CNR-ISTI Italy
5 French National Research Council CNRS France
6 Delft University of Technology TUD Netherlands
7 Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology EPFL Switzerland
8 Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FhG Germany
9 Forschungszentrum Jülich FZJ Germany
10 High Performance Computing Centre USTUTT Germany
11 Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas ICS-FORTH Greece
12 Imperial College IC UK
13 National Institute for Research in Nuclear Physics INFN Italy
14 National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control INRIA France
15 Royal Institute of Technology KTH Sweden
16 Masaryk University Brno MU Czech R.
17 Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre PSNC Poland
18 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - Central Laboratory of the Research Councils RAL – CCLRC UK
19 Swedish Institute of Computer Science SICS Sweden
20 Computer and Automation Research Institute SZTAKI Hungary
21 The Queen’s University of Belfast QUB UK
22 University of Muenster WWU Muenster Germany
23 University of Calabria UNICAL Italy
24 University of Cardiff UWC UK
25 University of Chile UCHILE Chile
26 University of Coimbra UCO Portugal
27 University of Cyprus UCY Cyprus
28 University of Dortmund UNI DO Germany
29 Université catholique de Louvain à Louvain-la-Neuve UCL Belgium
30 Victoria University of Manchester UoM UK
31 The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne UNCL UK
32 University of Passau UNI PASSAU Germany
33 University of Pisa UNIPI Italy
34 Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale HES-SO Switzerland
35 University of Westminster UoW UK
36 Technical University of Catalonia UPC Spain
37 Vrije Universiteit VUA Netherlands
38 Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Finland
39 Zuse Institute Berlin ZIB Germany
41 University of Innsbruck UIBK Austria

Associate Members

Institute of High Performance Computing and Networking - CNR-ICAR - Italy
New University of Lisbon - UNL - Portugal
CATNETS project is represented by Torsten Eymann (at Bayreuth
University) and Omar F Rana (Cardiff University) - CATNETS - Germany
University of Sannio - UOS - Italy
Umeå University - UMEA - Sweden

Fact sheet for download

Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 March 2008 )
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