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CoreGRID Presentations 2005

CoreGRID Presentations

Date Presenter Event / Occasion Place
Jan 10, 2005 Roald Sieberath At CERN (partnering event FP6/SMEs) Geneva, Switzerland
Mar 8, 2005 Thierry Priol HLRS - Industrial Workshop on Grid      (ppt) Stuttgart, Germany
May 10, 2005 Thierry Priol CCGrid 2005 - Cluster Computing and Grid 2005      (ppt) Cardiff, UK
May 25, 2005 Pierre Kuonen Forum Engelberg 2005 Lucerne, Switzerland
Jun 23, 2005 Domenico Laforenza First Grid@Asia Workshop Beijing, China
Jul 5, 2005 Thierry Priol ISPDC 2005 - The 4th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing      (ppt) Lille, France

Scientific Presentations from CoreGRID Researchers

Date Presenter Title Event / Occasion Place
Feb 14, 2005 Carlo Mastoianni, Domenico Talia, Oreste Verta A Super-Peer Model for Building Resource Discovery Services in Grids: Design and Simulation Analysis      (ppt) First European Grid Conference Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mar 9, 2005 Rosa M. Badia User-driven resource selection in GRID superscalar      (ppt) Gridcoord Industrial Workshop and 8th HLRS Metacomputing and Grid Workshop Stuttgart, Germany
Mar 16-17, 2005 Domenico Talia Towards a GRID Operating System: from GLinux to a Pervasive GVM      (ppt) Workshop on Network Centric Operating Systems Brussels, Belgium
Mar 16-17, 2005 Konstantin Popov, Per Brand, Vlad Vlassov & Seif Haridi The Need for Network­Centric Programming Models Workshop on Network Centric Operating Systems Brussels, Belgium
Jun 27, 2005 Thilo Kielmann Grid Application Programming Environments      (ppt) GGF14 workshop Chicago, USA
Jun 29, 2005 Andre Merzky The VU SAGA Implementation GGF14 SAGA-RG Chicago, USA
Sept. 11, 2005Andreas HoheiselA Grid Workflow Language Using High-Level Petri Nets PPAM2005Poznan, Poland
Sep 13-16, 2005 Natalia Currle-Linde Science Experimental Grid Laboratory  (SEGL)
Dynamical Parameter Study in Distributed Systems
ParCo 2005-Parallel Computing Malaga, Spain
Oct 3, 2005 Thilo Kielmann Application Developers and Users Research Group (APPS-RG) GGF15 Gridworld Boston, USA
Oct 3, 2005 Andre Merzky GGF15 – SAGA Session 1 GGF15 Gridworld Boston, USA
Dec 1, 2005 Thilo Kielmann Grid Application Programming Environments:
Ibis, the GAT, and beyond
ENSIMAG Grenoble, France
Dec 9, 2005 Thilo Kielmann Grid Application Programming Environments:
Ibis, the GAT, and beyond
University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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