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Programming models and components for the Grid workshop

The CoreGRID Institute on Programming models organized the "Programming models and components for the Grid" workshop in Sophia Antipolis, on Friday October 14th, 2005. The main goal of the workshop was to assess the concept of GCM (Grid Component Model) as being developed since the January meeting and to present on going work relative to the Institute topics.

The workshop was organized within the Grid@works activities.

CoreGRID Institute on Programming models:
"Programming models and components for the Grid"

Friday October 14th, 2005.

Final program
9.00 Opening (D. Caromel and M. Danelutto)

Session Basic Programming Models
9h30-9h50 OO SPMD for the Grid: an alternative to MPI and the road to Component F. Baude, L. Baduel, D. Caromel (slides)
9h50-10h10 The SAGA Task Model: Asynchronous Operations for Grid Applications A. Merzky, T. Kielmann, Vrije Universiteit (slides)
10h10-10h30 From (Data-)Flow Based Programs to Web Service Composition using XSLT Peter Kelly, Andrew Wendelborn, Paul Coddington, University of Adelaide, University of Adelaide, Australia (slides)
10h30-11h00 Break
11h00-11h20 The ASSIST parallel component model Marco Danelutto, University of Pisa (slides)
11H20 Basic Programming Models: Discussions, Direction, Recommendation. Chair: Pierre Kuonen (slides)

12.30 Lunch

Session Grid Component Models (CoreGRID GCM)
14h00-14h30Report on required features to be included in GCM as well as the XML schema Massimo Coppola (slides)
14h30-15h00Multicast and Gathercast interfaces for the GCM D. Caromel, M. Morel, Nikos Parlavantzas (slides)
15h00-15h30Behavioral Specification and Verification of Compositional Grid Components" Tomas Barros, Univ. Chile, Eric Madelaine, INRIA OASIS (slides)
16h00-18h00Session GCM: Discussions, Direction, Recommendation. Chair M. Danelutto (slides)

18.00 End of the workshop

Participant list

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