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Catalin Dumitrescu, Jan Dünnweber, Philipp Lüdeking, Sergei Gorlatch, Ioan Raicu and Ian Foster. Simplifying Grid Application Programming Using Web-Enabled Code Transfer Tools. In Toward Next Generation Grids, Chapter 6, Springer, 2007.   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Software and Services, WP3, WP6.  
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M. Andreica, N. Tapus, Alexandru Iosup, Dick Epema, Catalin Dumitrescu, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster and M. Ripeanu. Towards ServMark, an Architecture for Testing Grids. Technical report, TR-0062, Institute on Resource Management and Scheduling, CoreGRID - Network of Excellence, November 2006. URL   Bibtex entry
Keywords: WP6.  
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