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Christian Pérez, Thierry Priol and André Ribes. A Parallel CORBA Component Model for Numerical Code Coupling. In Manish Parashar editor, Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Grid Computing, (2536):88--99, Springer-Verlag, Baltimore, Maryland, November 2002. URL   Bibtex entry
Keywords: WP3.   Note: Held in conjunction with SuperComputing 2002 (SC '02).
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Josep L. Berral, Nicolas Poggi, Javier Alonso, Jordi Torres, Ricard Gavaldŕ and Manish Parashar. Adaptive Distributed Mechanism Against Flooding Network Attacks Based on Machine Learning. Technical report, TR-0151, Institute on Architectural issues: scalability, dependability, adaptability, CoreGRID - Network of Excellence, July 2008. URL   Bibtex entry
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