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Anastasios Gounaris, Christos Yfoulis, Rizos Sakellariou and Marios Dikaiakos. Self-optimizing block transfer in web service grids. In Proceedings of the 9th annual ACM international workshop on Web information and data management (WIDM'07), Pages 49-56, Lisbon, Portugal, 9 November 2007. URL   Bibtex entry
Keywords: WP2, WP4.   Note: Also published as CoreGRID Technical Report TR-0113. [Annote]
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Anastasios Gounaris, Marios Dikaiakos, Christos Yfoulis and Rizos Sakellariou. Self-optimizing Block Transfer inWeb Service Grids. Technical report, TR-0113, Institute on Knowledge and Data Management & Architectural Issues: Scalability, Dependability, Adaptability, CoreGRID - Network of Excellence, October 2007. URL   Bibtex entry
Keywords: WP2, WP4.  
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